Activewise is a powerful on-boarding and training solution that is built for staff training in the enterprise. It allows large companies to easily implement a global, scalable process for the training of new employees, saving millions in downtime and massively accelerating sales and service pipelines.

Getting new staff properly trained and integrated into your business is not an easy process. With no set business process and governance capability within the training process managers are not notified of uncompleted activities and are unable to delegate oversight to more responsible roles.

On-Boarding for the Enterprise

Activewise streamlines the process of hiring new employees by allowing employers to easily distribute training material to their staff across multiple countries in multiple languages, while maintaining completion data on an individual basis in order to track their progress from a centralized location.

In enterprise sized companies with large workforces a streamlined on-boarding solution can save up to one month’s salary per employee. When properly integrated, this process can deliver annual savings of tens of millions of dollars, making it a powerful internal revenue saving solution.

Financial Advantage

A streamlined training solution can save up to one month’s salary per employee, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in annual savings in companies with large workforces, and the advantage of getting new sales and service staff on the road a month ahead of schedule can influence hundreds of millions in extra revenues.

Return On Investment

Activewise is delivered using the software as a service model and runs from the Silversoft cloud. It can be deployed on a per-user basis, on its own dedicated virtual server or for large companies who require direct connectivity with their internal systems it can be installed internally.

Due to the low cost, distributed, on-demand nature of Activewise and its ease of use and expandability, the return on investment you will generate from implementing it within your business will pay for the entire solution within the first few months alone.

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