Taskwise helps you create, manage and share tasks and deliverables across your workforce, keeping your business focused on what matters most. In a world that demands more from us each day, it’s vital for companies to approach their goals and deliverables in a logical and streamlined manner.

With Taskwise you can streamline your workflow, gain better insight and visibility into key processes and assist your employees in accomplishing critical tasks on time, every time. Whether you have small projects that need to be completed in a timely manner, or have a large team that needs to meet collective goals, Taskwise can help you to save on costs so you can move faster than the competition.

Delegate Your Work

Taskwise helps you to take control of your business by giving your employees the ability to manage, share and track their tasks efficiently and effectively. By giving team members the ability to organize their deliverables into lists that can be easily distributed and shared with other team members, they increase visibility into the flow of information.

The ability track and govern task completion encourages ownership at the end user level gives you finer control over the things that matter the most and that drive productivity in your business.

Task management in the Cloud

Taskwise Online gives you access to your tasks and lists in a smooth, interactive, online application that is available anytime, anywhere. It runs in your web-browser so your data is always at hand, and includes powerful tools for sharing and collaborating.

Desktop and Mobile Sync

Taskwise includes our patent-pending TruSync technology which intelligently keeps your information in sync on all your devices. With TruSync you are free to use our desktop and mobile clients to access and share your tasks and lists, and securely backup your data to the Taskwise Cloud.

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