One of the most expensive parts of hiring new employees is the time it takes to train and integrate them in their new role within your business. This process is known as On-Boarding and is the process of bringing new employees on board your organization and integrating them into their new work environment.

This includes employee orientation, training, knowledge sharing, and ensuring the employee has the tools and technology to successfully execute their roles and responsibilities. On-boarding begins with the offer letter to the potential employee and may run 6 months, a year and/or through their tenure with the organization, at the discretion of the organization.

Getting new staff properly trained and integrated into your business is not an easy process. With no set business process and governance capability within the on-boarding process managers are not notified of uncompleted activities and are unable to delegate oversight to more responsible roles.

The power of online training & compliance

Get staff up to speed quickly

Silversoft’s solutions allow you to implement a global, scalable process that enables new employees to access a checklist of activities required for role ramp up and development. This allows you to take a list of tasks that employees need to follow in their first few months on the job, publish them across your workforce and then track the completion of these tasks on a per employee basis.

Using traditional processes, it can take anywhere from three to six months before a new employee is properly integrated and able to meet their deliverables.

In enterprise sized companies with large workforces a streamlined on-boarding solution can save up to one month’s salary per employee. When properly integrated, this process can deliver annual savings of tens of millions of dollars, making it a powerful internal revenue saving solution.

Massively Shared Lists

The networking architecture that powers our solutions allow employers to distribute a single list to their employees across multiple groups and countries in multiple languages, while maintaining completion data on a individual basis in order to track their progress.

To streamline the on boarding process our solutions support multiple regions, roles and responsibilities and allows for secure linking of tasks to documentation, files, videos and web based forms behind your firewall. This gives your employees easy access to everything they need and lets you know if they have accessed the data or not.

Our built in reporting and analytics are tailor made for tracking data across large groups and allow you to view your entire workforce at one time. You can then drill down, level by level, to find over-achievers, under-achievers and staff in need of assistance.


Our solutions can also be used to re-train staff that are moving into different roles, allowing you to rapidly re-purpose employees as demands change in different areas of your business. Re-training is very similar in process to On-Boarding and Silversoft enhances the process through the use of dedicated rules at the task level. By embedding logic into your tasks you can maintain a single list and apply rules that tailor it for both training of new staff and re-training existing employees.

Return On Investment

Silversoft’s On-Boarding solutions are delivered as a dedicated software or as a service solution that runs from the Silversoft cloud. They can be deployed on a per-user basis using our secure private sub-networks, or it can be set up as its own dedicated virtual server for enterprise level user integration and security clearance.

For large companies looking to integrate a On-Boarding internally for direct connectivity with their internal processes and HR packages, our solutions can be deployed as a stand-alone solution allowing you to deploy it on your own servers. Due to its low cost, distributed, on-demand nature, and its ease of use and expandability, the return on investment for implementing an On-Boarding solution within your business will pay for itself within the first few months alone.

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