Silversoft is leading provider of Human Resources software solutions for the small business and enterprise markets. Founded in 2007 in the UK, Silversoft is run by Karsten Becker who serves as the companies CEO. He is backed up by an industry leading team of professionals that includes John Blasco (CFO) and Barry Padgett (Chairman of the Board).

Silversoft’s cloud based solutions are designed to significantly improve productivity and performance in the key areas of on-boarding, training, re-training and workforce management. Silversoft is rapidly evolving into a trusted software and services provider by following a strategy of growth through acquisition and by investing in the high quality management and development resources needed to support its offerings.

Our Mission

Silversoft’s mission is to become the leading provider of HR solutions in the small to medium business and enterprise markets. By enabling corporations to streamline their internal workflow, Silversoft’s products deliver a significant increase in the efficiency of their core business processes and give their employees the extra edge they need, reducing operating costs and enhancing profits.


Management Team

Barry Padgett

Barry Padgett serves as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Concur Europe. Mr. Padgett has served in various roles over the past 12 years including Senior Director of Concur.

Karsten Becker

CEO of Silversoft and a technology visionary, Karsten Becker works with the Fortune 500 to assist them in increasing productivity and streamlining internal procedures.

John Blasco

For the last six years John Blasco has also been a Managing Director of Hotelcare, the UK’s leading hotel support services company.

Daria Offin

Daria’s accounting background and high level of administration experience has made her an important part of the Silversoft Management Team.

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