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We are here to support your agency journey

Magnetic is buit from the ground up to support the agency journey. From initial contact with the client, to ensuring your business delivers sound financial results

We have you covered!

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A solution built for visibility

So you’re a suit, huh!? Managing an agency is challenging. In particular if you don’t have the insights you need to run the business.


Winning new clients, and keeping existing ones happy is key to grow your agency. Dealing with high staff turnover and burned out people needs your attention every day. Pitches, profitability, overservicing, cash flow, revenue forecasts, budgets, creativity, retainers, margins, time sheets. And the Friday bar…

Your agency needs oil, and sometimes the occational WD-40 to run as an effective machine. We get it. In fact, we’ve been speaking to hundreds of agencies facing the exact same challenges. And we’ve got your back.


By implementing an agency software system, and best practise processes, your agency will get the needed oil to run as an effective engine. 

Thinking about selling your agency? Well, you will need to provide prove that your agency is an effective and a profitable machine. Magnetic will provide you with the necessary information to effectively control the data room. And hey. You’ll be in charge. Not the other suits.

Functionality to support your role

Developing comprehensive financial plans and conducting accurate financial analysis is vital. You'll need to be able to forecast revenue, budget expenses, and provide financial insights to support strategic decision-making.

Maximizing profitability while controlling costs is a significant challenge. Agencies often operate on tight profit margins due to competitive pricing and client negotiations. You'll need to be able to monitor project profitability, manage overhead expenses, and identify opportunities for cost savings without compromising quality or client satisfaction.


Being able to track margins, profitability, revenue forecast, client overservicing (or underservicing) is vital to any agency. Your business system must be able to provide you with this information with a click of a button.

Giving your client servicing team all the data they need to win business.



Overall good experience. We get great support from the customer success team. Never had downtime on the platform in over three years of use. The customisation and flexibility is good.

A day in the life of your agency

From contact to opportunity pipeline. All you need to manage winning business.

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