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Optimise your engagement management & delight your clients.

Consulting firms need to manage their engagements effectively from start to finish of each project. It is vital to ensure that your firm has a 360 degree view into all engagements to keep you on schedule, monitor performance, increase collaboration, identify risks, adjust according to changing client demands and expedite invoices. Our modern and intuitive ERP software solutions deliver the business agility, transparency and control you need to run your organisation.


"Maconomy offered us an all-inclusive solution to support our long-term strategy. For us it makes perfect sense to invest in an ERP system specifically designed for our type of business,” ’


Mary Joyce Leung - Director of BDO Ltd, Hong Kong.

Industry leading functionality designed to optimise the entire engagement lifecycle.
Deltek Maconomy.

Set your firm apart with software built specifically for the way Consulting firms work

Power your professional services enterprise with the industry’s leading ERP software – Deltek Maconomy. The modern and intuitive software delivers the business agility, transparency and control you need to run your company and meet your needs both today and into the future. Watch the video to learn how.

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Professional Services Industry
Benchmark 2023

Discover Key Benchmarks & Industry Trends

In an industry marked with fluctuations and increasing competition, comparing your consulting firm to others in the industry is critical. This annual report, now in its 15th year, has become a go-to resource for professional services leaders to gain insight into how they can analyze their service organizations' performance and improve processes to achieve service excellence.

PS Benchmark
Deltek Talent Management System

“Before It Took Weeks To Get A Response From Hiring Managers, Now Once The Applicant Is Found Through The System It Takes Approximately 2 Weeks From Interview To Hire”


People made profitable.

Talent Management: For The People Who Power Your Projects

Employee retention is a top priority, so it’s important for your project-based business to effectively manage its modern distributed workforce. Talent Management helps you identify top talent outside and within your organization while engaging them in meaningful ways. Additionally, it provides opportunities for ongoing development and seamlessly manages your people needs by integrating with Deltek. And with its cloud delivery, Talent Management offers the security, privacy and scalability required in today’s business environment.





Learning & Development

Some of the worlds greatest professional services firm run on our software.

5200+ consulting practices use Deltek to optimise their workflow.

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Industry Resources & Industry Knowledge


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Deltek Union Point - Cloud Integration Platform
New! Cloud Integration Platform

Build, deploy and manage cloud-based integrations to and from your Deltek solutions

The Unionpoint platform provides customers with a variety of ways to make Deltek the cornerstone of their technology stack and build an integrated best-of-breed ecosystem with ease. Product connectors built into Deltek ERP and Talent Management enable more powerful and flexible integration capabilities for firms using multiple Deltek products to share relevant data between systems, while minimizing redundant data entry.







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